Schedule & Fees

Our teaching hours for Group Classes are:

Monday – Friday

4pm – 8pm

* One to One Classes and Paired Tuition can take place outside these hours according to student / teacher preference

* Masterclasses and Workshops will take place on Saturdays

Tuition Fees:

One to One classes:

1 Hour - £26

30 Minutes - £13

Paired Tuition

30 Minutes - £10

Group Classes (Practical and Theory)

45 minutes / 1 hour - £7

Musical Theatre Programme

Includes:  Acting, Singing and Dance (1hr each) - £18


2 Hours - £10

* Each student will have an individualized payment package according to the amount of classes they wish to undertake

* Payment will be made monthly in advance (Varies according to amount of weeks and classes in a month)

* Prices above are for Students between 4 and 18 years old.  Prices for adult classes vary.

Groups / Ages

Students are divided into different age groups according to school year as follows:

Infants: 4 - 8 years old (First School Students)

Children: 8 – 12 years old (Middle School Students)

Teenagers: 12-21 years old (Comprehensive School students and further education)

Adults: 21 years and above (fees for adults vary for one to one and piared tuition)

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule:

Payment for all applicable fees and tuition is due at the beginning of the month. If a student is unable to make full payment, please inform your teacher and in order to work on a payment plan

*Returned Cheque Fee:  payee will be invoiced for any charges incurred due to returned cheques

Refund Policy:

Classes will only be refunded if :

  1. The Academy is given prior notice of absence due to a pre-arranged holiday.  Students will need to show proof that they will be away from Gibraltar.
  2. Student is sick and brings a Doctor’s note.
  3. The Academy cancels a class

If a tutor is unable to attend the class, we will endevour to find a replacement or re-schedule the class

Tuition refunds will be issued if a class is canceled by the academy.

A Parent or a student is responsible for notifying the Office with changes in billing and account information (name change, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.).

If payment is not received within TWO WEEKS of due date, lessons will be stopped.