Reena Nagrani, one of our piano Students recently attended the first Elena Cobb Star Prize Winners Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 5 April 2018 at the Elgar Room organised by EVC Music and the British & International Federation of Festivals. They invited all performers who won the Prize in the Federation Festivals since 2014. The programme for the event at the Royal Albert Hall, Elgar Room also included a showcase featuring new educational music released by leading British publishing companies and performed by talented young musicians. The Winners Concert and Showcase Recital featured 42 young pianists from Columbia, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Gibraltar, Israel and South Korea. The event was created in partnership with the British & International Federation of Festivals, ABRSM and Alfred UK. 

It was a magical event for all involved and am sure it will be a moment Reena will always treasure

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