Raphael Gonzalez

Woodwind Teacher

Raphael started playing the clarinet at the age of 12. H started at the Gibraltar Junior Symphony Orchestra almost 42 years ago and moved up to the Senior Symphony Orchestra shortly after until it ceased performing, achieving the 1st Clarinet stand.

He joined the Royal Gibraltar Regiment at the age of 17 back in 1978 and straight into the Corps of Drums where he played the bugle, and fife.

Moved to the Regimental Band when it was commissioned in 1992 where he took on the Principal Solo clarinetist stand which he holds to this day.

Raphael formed the Regimental Sax Quartet in 2010, where he double from the lead soprano sax to the bass end in the baritone sax, which has become very popular in Gibraltar for its versatility performing at Convent Investitures, garden parties, weddings, popular events like Gib Summer Nights and in particular at the annual Gibraltar Day Celebrations in Guildhall London. This year the sax quartet was commissioned to play in Rabat's British Embassy for the Queen's birthday celebrations.

He is also the lead clarinet for our Dixie band.

He currently holds the rank of Colour Sergeant and is fulfilling the role of Band Sergeant Major.

Raphael taught clarinet and saxophone at the Gibraltar Music Centre which was based in 19 Scud Hill, under the auspices of Lynn Griffiths. he uccessfully got many young students through their RSM exams.  This Centre stopped its operations and later moved to SAMA ( St. Andrew's Music Academy ) based at St. Andrew's Church where he kept up  clarinet and sax teaching. His full time job and other commitments, at the time, prevented him from continuing. 

He now forms part of the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Art's vibrant staff 


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