The Academy for a Performing Arts Education

The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts is designed to nurture young talent and to encourage creativity by inspiring performers and musicians from a young age. The Academy aims to foster a culturally rich environment that attracts students and professional educators in the field of music and performing arts. Students will learn to develop skills both in solo performance and ensemble work. This, coupled with music theory training will ensure that The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts develops well-rounded musicians and actors.

The Academy will offer tuition in Drama and Music for a wide range of instruments including: Piano, Strings, Brass, Woodwind, as well as the addition of Classical and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals and Drums. One of our key goals is to set up the Gibraltar Youth Orchestra: this is a major project which, given the standard of teaching and facilities now ready for use, we are confident will be a success in the coming years.

Our ethos is to teach ‘lessons for life’, developing discipline and critical thinking; encouraging focus and ultimately enhancing and allowing for creativity to flourish.

Children play violin

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