Schedule & Fees

Our teaching hours for Group Classes are:
Monday – Friday
4pm – 8pm

* One to One Classes and Paired Tuition can take place outside these hours according to student / teacher preference

* Masterclasses and Workshops will take place on Saturdays

Tuition Fees:

One to One classes:
1 Hour - £26
30 Minutes - £13 (Adult Classes £15)

Paired Tuition
30 Minutes - £10

Group Classes (Practical and Theory)
45 minutes / 1 hour - £8

Musical Theatre Programme
Includes:  Acting, Singing and Dance (1hr each) - £21

2 Hours - £10

* Each student will have an individualized payment package according to the amount of classes they wish to undertake

* Payment will be made monthly in advance (Varies according to amount of weeks and classes in a month)

* Prices above are for Students between 4 and 18 years old.  Prices for adult classes vary.

Groups / Ages

Students are divided into different age groups according to school year as follows:

Infants: 4 - 7 years old (First School Students)

Children: 8 – 11 years old (Middle School Students)

Teenagers: 12-18years old (Comprehensive School students and further education)

Adults: 18 years and above (fees for adults vary for one to one and paired tuition)

Payment Schedule

Payment for all applicable fees and tuition is due at the beginning of the month. If a student is unable to make full payment, please inform your teacher an in order to work on a payment plan

*Returned Cheque Fee:  payee will be invoiced for any charges incurred due to returned cheques

Adult students (18+) will need to pay termly in advance.  These fees are non refundable (except individual lessons according to our refund policy)

Refund Policy:

Classes will only be refunded if :

  1. The Academy is given prior notice of absence due to a pre-arranged holiday.  Students will need to show proof that they will be away from Gibraltar prior to the trip.  (If a student does not notify us before non-attendance and we are unable to re-schedule, no refund will be made.  We will not back date proof of travel)
  2. Student is sick and brings a Doctor’s note. If a doctor’s note cannot be produced we will not be able to refund the class.
  3. The Academy cancels a class

If a tutor is unable to attend the class, we will endeavour to find a replacement or re-schedule the class

Tuition refunds will be issued if a class is cancelled by the academy.

No refunds will be given for absence due to parties or other events taking place.

If a student has a discount package and misses a class, the discounted class will be taken into account before any refund is made

A Parent or a student is responsible for notifying the Office with changes in billing and account information (name change, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.).

If payment is not received within TWO WEEKS of due date, lessons might be stopped.

Preferred form of payment is via ONLINE BANKING.  All details will be in all your invoices.

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