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Brass Bursary

07 Sep 2015

As part of our "Learn an Instrument" campaign we are offering an introductory Brass Bursary. We are offering 12 students between the ages of 7 and 12 years old the chance to learn a Brass instrument for free for our for a term* . We are looking for 6 students interested in learning the Trombone and 6 Students interested in learning the trumpet. We will offer you a Term of Group classes (to be held once a week) free of charge in order to introduce you to these instruments. If you have ever wanted to learn an instrument, this is your chance! Become part of the music community while learning to play one of the most versatile instruments in the orchestra. Give it a go! We look forward to meeting you. If you are interested please email us on or come to our registration day Friday 11th September at the John Mackintosh Hall at 6pm.

*Between September and December 2015

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