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Concert Series

04 Feb 2019

The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts produced a Concert Series with their students, over the past two weeks, at the Magazine Studio Theatre. The Concert Series opened with The Parasol Foundation Scholarship Recital on Tuesday 23rd January. The recital saw performances from the three Excellence and Promise and Potential Bursary Winners Andrii Zhalkovskyi, Julianne Coleing and Darius Oliva. Sarah Popham who won the Promise and Potential Bursary also gave a performance on trumpet, as well as a performance from Jazz Bursary Winner Aaryan Dhanwani on piano.

The following night saw the first of two piano recitals, with many students performing in front of an audience for the first time. On Wednesday 30th January a wind recital was held with performances on flute, brass and guitar. The night finished off with an exciting performance from the GAMPA Ensemble an opportunity for the students to perform together in a mixed instrumental ensemble.

The next recital was a night dedicated to string instruments, with performances on violins and cello. Students performed classical and contemporary pieces, with the night ending with a lively performance from the string ensemble playing Mama Mia and Hoe Down. The Concert Series finished on Friday 1st February with a second piano recital.

The aim of this Concert Series was to give the students an opportunity to showcase the work they have been learning at the Academy to family and friends. GAMPA’s Principal Christian Santos commented “ It is especially beneficial for the new students and younger ones to have the chance to perform in front of an audience without the pressure of being on a big stage in front of a huge auditorium. The Magazine Studio Theatre provides the perfect small setting to introduce students to playing in front of an audience and build up their confidence.”

GAMPA would like to thank the Parasol Foundation, the tutors and everyone who came out to enjoy the recitals and support our young musicians.

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