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Cultural Awards

22 Jun 2020

The first ever Cutural Awards ceremony, saw GAMPA take home two awards.

GAMPA was awarded The Best Educational Project for the "I AM ME " project. A unique project targeting all local schools with a positive message of self-love, confidence and self-esteem. GAMPA staff delivered bespoke workshops for children of all ages. The main ethos of the project was to make children aware of their own self and value, whilst celebrating their differences. All school choirs were taught the ‘I Am Me’ anthem which culminated in over 500 pupils recording the song and producing a video. A project focused on positive reinforcement and helping young people reach their fullest potential! The award was presented by the Minister for Housing, Youth and Sport, The Hon Steven Linares MP.

Matthew Navas won the Youth Award in the under 25s category. Matthew won the 2019 Drama Festival Best Youth Actor award for his role in ‘The Train’. He is described as a performer who brings great understanding, energy and dedication to every role. As a member of the Youth Choir he represented Gibraltar at the Grand Prix of Nations, always showing enthusiasm and always eager to develop his performing skills.

The Cultural Awards were organised by Gibraltar Cultural Services at was held at the Sunborn on the 4th December 2019. The Awards celebrate the best of Gibraltar’s arts and culture, looking at the achievements and successes of individuals and groups between July 2018 and June 2019. These awards recognise cultural potential, ability, talent and achievement, whilst at the same supporting the community’s cultural development.

GAMPA wishes to congratulate all the winners and thank the organisers for a lovely evening which many students were able to enjoy. We take this opportunity to wish everyone involved in arts and culture in our commnuity a very fruitful, creative and successful 2020.

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