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Drama Festival 2019

07 May 2019

2019 Gibraltar International Drama Festival

GAMPA’s participation at this year’s festival compromised of six productions.

GAMPA Seniors presented an original play “ The Train”. A play with an autistic youth as the central character, and a plotline dealing with how he perceives the world. The play was devised by the group and written by Christian Santos with the collaboration of the students.

GAMPA Teens presented “The Audition” a comedy by Don Zolidis. The play sees the ups and downs and the misadventures of a group of teenagers auditioning for a school musical. A humorous look, at the backstage world, its triumphs, trials and traumas.

GAMPA Juniors presented “Small Fry” by Neil Duffield. A play written in verse in the style of a fable, dealing with a group of characters that are driven by greed and possession and how they slowly realize they need to change.

GAMPA Infants presented “Olympic Ode” an action poem by Sue Russell. A short sketch on the preparation of athletes for their participation at the Olympics.

Furthermore, the Magazine Studio Theatre presented two productions: “Befriending Bertha” by Kerry Muir a comedy about an unlikely friendship and three unique characters and the bond they create.

“Blink” by Phil Porter a comedy/drama. A play exploring a unique relationship between a young man and woman.

The Drama Festival proved to be once again a thoroughly enjoyable and learning experience for all involved. This year’s adjudicator Cherry Stephenson gave a review of all thirteen productions involved in the festival, providing a valuable insight to actors, directors and crew. At the Gala Night, GAMPA and The Magazine Studio Theatre won the following awards:

Adjudicator’s Award for “Small Fry”

Best Set Presentation for “The Train”

Best Youth Actress for Mei Liu in “Befriending Bertha”

Best Youth Actor for Mathew Navas in “The Train”

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