09 May 2018

The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts has recently started “The GAMPA Dramatherapy School Project” as part of the Parasol Foundation Scholarship programme. This project aims to introduce the children and staff in 3 schools to dramatherapy. The sessions are taking place in St Martins Special School, Bishop Fitzgerald Middle School and Notre Dame First School within the LSF units. The dramatherapy sessions at the schools are an hour long on a weekly basis for an initial 4 weeks with the same group of childrenThe project has been very successful and has therefore been extended for a further 4 weeks. Other aims include children connecting with others in creative ways, using creativity as a means of self- expression, personal development, facilitating communication and the development of confidence through the vehicle of creativity.

Dramatherapy is the intentional use of drama and creative techniques to bring about positive changes in individuals and groups of people. The schools project initiative uses a variety of methods with roots in the theatre, psychotherapy and the other creative arts. The use of objects, puppets, story, props, fabrics, metaphor, art materials, music and movement is common in the schools sessions. The children participate in imaginative play, role-play, sensory play, games and embodiment play. They are able to express a range of emotions through the play in a distanced way allowing them to explore them safely through the use of metaphor.

The GAMPA Dramatherapy School Project is delivered by local dramatherapist Nyree Robinson and supervised by a senior dramatherapist in the UK with over 25 years experience working in schools with children with learning disabilities and multi-sensory disorders. Dramatherapists are allied health professionals regulated by the UK HCPC and registered with the Gibraltar Medical Board, working within very strict guidelines.

At GAMPA we believe that creativity is key to a successful future. It is our aim to cater for children and adults who are interested in any field of Music or Performing arts and giving everyone the chance to further their interest and skills in their chosen field. Dramatherapy is a different way to experience “drama” and making it accessible for people with varying skill sets. It is the perfect route for self-expression and will make individuals flourish and develop and feel confident within themselves. We are very proud to work together with the department of education who have been extremely supportive of this project and developing facilities for special needs in education locally.

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