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End of Term

27 Jun 2016

As our first academic year comes to an end, I sit back and contemplate on how much we have achieved since September. We have welcomed over 350 students through our doors, who have enjoyed group classes, one to ones, ensemble workshops, trips abroad, outings to concerts, scholarship programmes and festivals both in music and drama . One of the most important things we have achieved this year is the sense of community that we have built among all our students and teachers. I set out on this project to make it a central hub for music and drama where everyone would feel a part of one big family. After seeing everyone involved in our end of term production Kids Rock, it is clear we have succeeded. We have made students from different disciplines work together and produce something beautiful. We have an academy of beginners mainly, and it is really exciting to see them grow so much in just a few months. For many it has been the first time they have performed as part of an ensemble, but these are the first steps into eventually being able to have our own Gibraltar Youth Orchestra. We have been working very hard in making this year a pleasant one for everyone, while promoting discipline as well as fun. We are fortunate that music and drama, which is something that usually starts as a hobby can eventually become one’s career. We want to have as many children involved in the performing arts as possible because it not only teaches you about the actual subject, but it gives you many transferable skills. You become more confident, you learn to work as part of a term, you develop self-discipline and many other skills that will last you a lifetime.

I believe that hard work is essential in order to progress but we cannot forget that it needs to be fun. I personally try to instill a sense of pride in ones work to all the children and I make them realize how important it is to have a main focus. Children develop at a fast pace but nowadays seem to be bogged down with many different activities. In order to be able to ask the children to focus on their set work as well as everything they do outside of their private classes at the academy I decided to embark on a journey with them. It is easy to ask the children to do something but I feel it is best to lead by example. So in September I started learning the Cello. I started from the very beginning as I had never even held one before in my life. I had my weekly classes, which I attended religiously so that I could always use myself as an example. I have realized this past year how difficult it is to juggle so many things and still find time to practice your instrument or learn your lines for a play. Every time I discussed practice and homework with one of the students I didn’t need to speculate on how difficult it was, I could actually say “I am also finding it difficult but you need to make time for it”. I could discuss this with the students and make them realize that time management is very difficult but need to be done. I went on this journey with the children, which culminated in our ABRSM and Trinity Rock and Pop Exams in June. We all took our exams and I knew exactly what they were going through. It was great to have taken on this journey and hope to continue to grow at the same time as this first generation. There are many different ways that we can teach children how to progress and this is the choice I have taken. I am very fortunate to have a great team of tutors working at the academy who strive to inspire children to progress and become the best that they can be.

We have had many successes this past year, but I feel the biggest success has been, inspiring so many kids to try something new and make the performing arts a part of their daily lives. We have many new things planned for the new academic year starting in September and we are sure the Academy will continue to grow from strength to strength.

On behalf of myself and all the tutors and staff at the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Thank-You, for your support and Thank-You for believing in us. Have an amazing summer and hopefully see you in September!

Oh and by the way….I passed my Grade 1 Cello with Distinction and I am over the moon….Grade 2 here I come

Christian Santos


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