15 Feb 2017

The Gibraltar Festival for Young Musicians will take place from Wednesday 29th March to Friday 31st March with the Gala Performance on Saturday 1st April. We are very excited this year as we have received a huge number of entries and are really looking forward to starting with our scheduling which we will publish in the next few weeks.

Students have been getting ready for the past few months and this year the festival will be bigger and better than ever.

We have a rejuventated format for our Gala this year:

Decisions on winners of the Bursaries will be made during the Gala Night where the adjudicator will invite 6 Local Performers and 6 International Performers to perform and compete for the Local young Musician of the year and the Best International Musician. The Local Ensemble and Local School Choir bursaries will also be decided on the final night as the top ensembles and school choirs will be invited to perform.

Even if performers are not invited to perform and compete for the Local Young Musician of the Year or Best International Musician they may already be a winner of one of the other bursaries or trophies. This will add to the excitement of the prize giving and will keep the Gala Performances exciting and fresh

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