24 Apr 2018

The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts is proud to announce the recipients of the Parasol Foundation Scholarships. The Parasol Foundation in collaboration with The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts (GAMPA) on behalf of the Ministry of Culture designed this programme to help the next generation of musicians and actors develop and have more teaching contact and prep time. This programme is on it’s third year and has proved to be a huge success and a key part of the development of the academy

The Scholarship panel, consisted of local musicians Charlie and Helen Chiappe, Kate Lennane and Christina Bruzon.

After an exciting day of auditions, the panel made their choice in what they described as a “Flood of Musical Talent”

The three recipients of the “Excellence and Promise” Scholarships are Darius Oliva (Piano) and Julianne Coleing (Vocal) and Andrii Zalkovsky (Piano). They are entitled to one to one tuition in their chosen instrument for a year. The recipients of the “Promise and Potential” Scholarship is Sarah Popham (trumpet) and Jesse Martinez (Drums) entitled to one to one tuition in their chosen instrument. There was a musical theatre bursary awarded to Danielle Fernandez and a Jazz Bursary offered to Aryan Dhanwani. There were a further 3 Scholarships offered to students with Financial Hardships as well as continuing with the Ensemble Scholarship Classes for Percussion, Strings and Woodwind.

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