09 Feb 2021

The Parasol Foundation in collaboration with The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts (GAMPA) on behalf of the Ministry of Culture designed this programme to help the next generation of musicians and actors develop and have more teaching contact and prep time. This programme is on it’s fifth year and has proved to be a huge success and a key part of the development of the academy.
Every year the panel chooses some students to receive the “Excellence and Promise” Scholarships and the “Promise and Potential” Scholarships.  This year these been awarded to Eloise Caetano, Aditya Dhanwani and Darius Oliva.
Eloise has received this scholarship for the first time this year. Aditya has been awarded the Promise and Potential scholarship last year and is currently the Gibraltar Young Musician of the Year.
Darius has been awarded this scholarship for the past four years and the panel has decided to award this scholarship for his remaining two years of education here in Gibraltar as his development and dedication has been exemplary.
The programme also scholarships for students who show Promise and Potential and these have been awarded to Anna Birnboeck, Matthew Navas and Tzu Lee Cruz
Anna has received this scholarship for the first time this year and has been working very hard for the past few years developing her skills. Matthew was awarded the Promise and Potential scholarship before and this year he impressed the panel with an audition featuring his acting and singing ability. This is the first time that Tzu Lee has been awarded this scholarship and is one of Gibraltar's rising pianists.
The Parasol Foundation Scholarship Programme also funds students with Financial hardhips and group classes which include:
Woodwind and Brass Ensemble: This weekly class gives extra tuition to the back-bone of our developing orchestra.
Orchestra Class: A selection of students learning orchestra instruments are given the chance to develop as an ensemble and together with their smaller ensemble classes and 1-1 tuition are developing steadily
Choir Dance: This class pushes the members of the choir to develop their movement and performance skills and is a weekly class which they attend as well as their singing technique classes and ensemble class.
Orchestra Instrument Programme: This is a new class which we started last year in order to promote orchestral instruments and also promote different ways of understanding music. These students are offered 2 hours a week of solfege classes and the chance to try new instruments. If students wish to continue the programme will fund part of their one to one tuition in these chosen instruments at the beginning of their training.
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