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Piano Ensemble Workshop

26 Nov 2015

The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts opened its doors on Monday 21st September. With over 340 students and 20 teachers, the academy has had a great start. Santos Productions and Allegro Music Productions joined forces as an initiative led by the Ministry of Culture in order to provide a cohesive educational environment for students of all ages and backgrounds and provide a central Hub for children and adults to learn music and drama.

The Academy offers individual One to One tuition as well as paired tuition and group classes in all disciplines.

We developed a Brass Bursary offering free classes for a term in order to encourage children to learn a brass instrument that they may not have considered otherwise. We will be offering more bursaries in the future for other instruments as this has proved to be very successful.

We are an all-inclusive academy that encourages anyone who wants to learn music or drama to join and develop their skills to the level that they wish. We offer tuition and preparation for practical exams as well as theory and are in talks to offering pop and rock exams as well drama exams and classical music exams.

We have now started our “Workshop” programme which will be led by our tutors as well as invited tutors. These workshops will explore different areas of Music and Drama and give students the chance to work in groups. This will help us develop new theatrical material for the acting students, as well as introducing the musicians to working and creating together in order to be able to start the Gibraltar Youth Orchestra.

Our first Workshop was for Piano Ensemble where we explored Rhythm and Tempo. This was a great opportunity for the students to work together and as a team and how important this is in order to create music. The children really enjoyed this experience and are eager to continue developing the piano ensemble

It has been a very exciting opening with many new children being introduced to Music and Drama as well as having more experienced students who are continuing their studies. It has also given many students the chance to continue with their first instruments and start learning a new one in the same environment. In November we are starting the new “Adult Singing Programme” for those people who would like to get more training vocally as a group. These technique classes will focusing on improving the individuals in order to be able to form an Adult Competitive Choir. We are fortunate enough to have students from all ages ranging from 4 years old to Adults as we have infant music clubs as well as more and more teenagers and adults taking up a music instrument

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