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Schools Bursary

26 Oct 2016

It has been a busy few days for GAMPA. We have been going round the local middle schools in order to promote our new schools bursary programme as part of our "Learn an Instrument" campaign. We have offered the schools 2 bursaries each for introductory group classes in Clarinet, Flute. Saxophone and Brass instruments. That is a total of 8 bursaries per school. This is a great way to introduce children to instruments they might otherwise never get to encounter. We hope this will spark some interest in our younger generation and be able to develop those interested into woodwind and brass players. This is a 12 week pilot programme which we are convinced will be a success. After working with the children at our local schools we feel very inspired with the new generation, the children were well behaved and enthusiastic and a true testament to the team of teachers and education system we have here in Gibraltar. We will update you all on the progress of this bursary as we are very excited to start after mid-term.

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