05 Feb 2018

A team of teachers together with our Principal Christian Santos went on a tour of First and Middle Schools with our Learn and Instrument Campaign sas part of the Parasol Foundation Scholarship programme. It was a hectic 4 days but we managed to go to all the schools who wanted to take part in this programme.

We do this annually in order to inspire children to get involved in music and the performing arts. We usually focus on promoting different instruments that children are less accustomed to seeing or may otherwise not have the chance to experience live.

As part of the Parasol Foundation Scholarship Programme we are able to offer free tuition this year on the bassoon and oboe which are instruments that are harder to get students for. We have been promoting the brass and woodwind instruments as well as piano, violin and cello.

We always get a great response from students and teachers alike and it's in moments like this that you realise how powerful music is. We invite students to join in and guess what songs we are playing and showing them all the different possibilities each instrument has to offer. We invite the children to come up and try the instruments and take part in our "mini orchestra" which the love and we all have loads of fun.

Music and Drama are great ways for the children to express themselves and find their creativity so we intend on continuing with this programme for many years to come.

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