13 Feb 2017

On Saturday 11th February the Academy organised a day full of singing workshops and masterclasses by all our tutors. Over 80 of our singing students took part and had sessions in various aspects that will make them a better singer. These workshops were part of the Parasol Foundation Scholarship Programme. We offered the girls classes on how to develop their head voices further and we worked on our younger boys voices and gave them exercises to help them re-strengthen their voices when they break.

We also offered them classes on improvisation techniques by Karina Tewkesbury as well as a session on self-confidence and self belief by Monica Gomila. The afternoon sessions started with a class by Anthony Roper on performance practice and how to present themselves in performances and auditions. We ended the day with a master-class on Acting through song and study of text by Christian Santos. It was a fantastic day filled with a wealth of knowledge from all our tutors in the academy. We are planning to hold more of these sessions in the coming months.

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