13 Sep 2015

We have some very exciting times ahead! Whether you take part in singing or acting classes, learning how to play an instrument or starting on some theory classes, you will become part of a big community of people who want to explore and further themselves as musicians and performers.

Before we start on this journey together we have a lot of information to give you.

Due to the huge demand and interest in our classes we have changed our start date in order to have everything ready and finalised in order for it to be perfect on our first day.


CLASSES WILL COMMENCE ON MONDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2015. We look forward to having you all here on our first week enjoying everything we are putting together for you. This will not only give us time to put the finishing touches to our programme, but will also give you a chance to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries on the classes you will be taking part in.


We have 2 locations, one location at 63 Flat Bastion Road, where all the instrumental classes will take place as well as some acting sessions and Choir. Our other location is at Unit 5, 7 South Barrack Close where most of the singing and acting classes will be taking place.

63 Flat Bastion Road:

The Number 1 Bus will bring you all the way to the arches at the end of Flat Bastion road and we are only 1 minute away past the arches on your left.

You can also be dropped off by Hargraves and walk up Charles V Ramp that will take you to the entrance. Alternatively you can park the car at Grand Parade and walk up via Gardiners Road.

Unit 5, 7 South Barrack Close (Santos Productions Studio)

The Number 3 and 4 bus will leave you very close by. We are located in an alleyway between GBC and St Josephs Gym at the bottom of South Barrack Road. The top floor of a tall “Yellow Brick” Building. It is not hard to find as there are a lot of people heading that way as there are many different studios with many different activities.


Please find below the days and times that each group class will be held as well as the venue:



4pm - 4:45pm Guitar Group 1

5pm – 5:45pm Guitar Group 2

6:15pm-7pm Drums Group 1

7pm-7:45pm Drums Group 2


4pm -4:45pm Piano Group 1

4:45pm – 6:15pm Intense Grade 2 and 3 Theory

6:30pm-7:15pm Beginners Group Piano


4pm-4:45pm Beginners Theory

5pm-5:45pm Infants Musical Instrument Club

6pm – 6:45pm Grade 4 and 5 Theory

7pm – 7:45pm Brass Bursary


4pm – 4:45pm Grade 1 Theory

5pm – 5:45pm Grade 2 and 3 Theory

5pm – 6pm Teenager Acting

6pm – 8pm Choir


4pm – 4:45pm Guitar Group 3

5pm – 5:45pm Guitar Group 4

SANTOS PRODUCTIONS STUDIO (Unit 5, 7 South Barrack Close)


5pm – 6pm Infant Singing and Acting (Reception and Year 1)

5:30pm – 6:30pm Infant Singing and Acting (Year 2 and Year 3)

6:30pm – 7:30pm Project Choir


5pm – 6pm Children Acting

5pm – 6pm Teenager Singing

6pm – 7pm Children Singing

7pm – 8pm Adult Singing Class


We can provide instruments during class time but most of them you will not be able to take home. You can use them in class for a probationary period of time, and then if you decide to continue classes we suggest you purchase your own instrument in order to practice at home. (We can advise you on these as and when required)

There are instruments you can take home for a month upon placing a deposit and these include: Flute, Clarinet, Clarineo, Saxophone, French horn, Trumpet and Trombone.


We will be preparing our students for Practical and Theory Exams for both the ABRSM board and Trinity Rock and Pop music board. These exams are optional but are also a stepping-stone into further education. Most music institutions will ask for either audition, A Level Music, or Practical and Grade 5 Theory. Grade 6. 7 and 8 Practical Exams are worth up to 90 UCAS points so they may prove to be an invaluable tool in the future.

We have classical exams as well as Rock and Pop exams for the Vocalists and Modern Instruments. A Word of Advice: If you are planning to get to Grade 6, 7 and 8 practical in order to be able to get UCAS points, you need to pass Grade 5 Theory in order to move on in the practical exams. We have some fun theory classes planned that we are sure you will enjoy. If you are planning on continuing with practical exams make sure to get yourself booked into a theory class.


Our aim is for each student to better themselves and achieve their own personal goals. We will be holding regular recitals and shows in order to give the students something to work towards and look forward too. This will make them better performers and give them more confidence as performers. We look forward to your support in all our performances

We look forward to starting this new adventure together and can’t wait to see you all as from MONDAY 21st SEPTEMBER. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask

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