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01 Feb 2019

As part of our development programme, The Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire brought a very interesting project over to Gibraltar.

"The Global Sound Movement" (GSM) travel to and work with international communities in their natural setting to sample unique, hand built instruments of ethnic significance. In addition, natural ambient recordings are made to catalogue the sonic environment/s GSM work in. Through a process of post-production, virtual instruments and sound libraries are generated that can be integrated with music production software enabling composers internationally to use these rare sounds. Environmental recordings are captured at high resolution and are compliant with broadcast standards.

Gibraltar being such a small land mass with rich mythology and history, plus such sonic diversity made this the ideal location for a GSM project.

According to Greek mythology Hercules completed twelve tasks, the tenth being the parting of Europe and Africa. As such, it is believed that there are two pillars where this took place. 

One on the Rock of Gibraltar and One in Morocco. Whilst both sites are visible to each other during clear weather, they are miles apart with the Mediterranean straits separating them. GSM decided to reunite these sites through a musical project. 

GSM separated into two teams with one taking European musicians to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar whilst the other crossed the Mediterranean Straits to Morocco where they met a group of local musicians. At precisely midday, both groups of musicians performed in synchronisation in a one-off recording session. The purpose of this was to record an individual performance, that when played back would reunite these two geographical locations.

The combination of rhythms and percussion instruments in this piece fuses European and North African musicality to create a unique composition. Both parties engaged with sampling sessions at these sites allowing music producers to include single hits and loops to new compositions.

The ‘Rock’ of Gibraltar houses many caves and spaces used throughout history including the second world war. The GSM team gained access to these spaces and managed to record the ‘Reverb’ inside these locations and through post production have made theses ‘Spaces/ available to be used in music production software. A special Thank you to Vanessa Saccone-Recagno and Jimmy Felices for their invaluable help with the arrangements in Morocco.  All information on this project can be found on

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