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Work Experience

10 May 2019

This past week we have had one of our students, Darius Oliva, join us at the Academy for a week of work experience. We have showed him all the different aspects of GAMPA; From the Magazine Studio Theatre to Reception adn Admin to teaching. We asked him to write a few words on his experience:

I want to be a professional piano player in my adult life to perform in public as a soloist, perhaps even to become part of an orchestra. When I was asked about the work experience scheme and where I would want to spend some time in a real work environment, it was clear to me that it would be in a place associated with music, therefore my choice,Gampa was an obvious one as I was already a part of this esteemed educational institution and could foresee that it could be a productive and positive experience that would serve me well and enhance my all-round capabilities and future career. At the end of this brief but intense period I am now in a good position to evaluate the benefits gained from this experience, it has been tremendously instructive to see the different classes and how teachers interact with students during the learning process, it has been very enjoyable to share with kids my knowledge as a pianist with 11 years of formal piano training, I have also found it extremely interesting to observe from close quarters how teachers prepare lessons with care and the attention they dedicate to this vital responsibility. Seeing other instruments being taught has also been an eye opener for me. This has been an experience which I will relish, one that has been valuable and from which I have learnt.

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