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World Choir Games 2018

13 Apr 2018


The Gibraltar Youth Choir is preparing to compete at this year’s 10th World Choir Games to be held in Tshwane, South Africa in July.

The World Choir Games is the largest choir competition in the world.

Organized by the Interkultur Foundation this competition is for amateur choirs from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin, race, genre of music or artistic ambitions, its motto is "Singing together brings nations together". The idea of the games originated from the effort to bring people together through singing in peaceful competition, showing that unity of nations through the arts can be effectively and illustratively demonstrated and challenged.

The focus of the games is on participation above winning. The games aim to inspire people to "experience the strength of interaction, challenging personality and community equally by singing together".

The games are hosted biennially (every even year) in a select city across the globe. Choirs compete in select categories ranging from “Sacred Music to “Pop and Jazz”. The games consist mostly of competition in two classes (Champions and Open), award ceremonies, and opening and closing ceremonies held at the beginning and end of the games, respectively. During the competition, choirs compete for Gold, Silver, Bronze, or "Successful Participation" awards.

Also, choirs may choose to participate in workshops featuring renowned choral instructors and friendship concerts, free public concerts where choirs share music with choristers from different parts of the world.

This will be the second time the Gibraltar Youth Choir will be competing in these games. The attended in 2014 when they were held in Riga, Latvia. It was a great experience for everyone involved having been awarded 4th Place in the Gospel Category and 9th in the Pop Category. The Choir (formerly Santos Productions Choir” were also Double European Champions in “Pop” and “Gospel” Categories when they competed in Graz, Austria in 2013, which qualified them to enter the “Champions” Division of the world choir games. The world choir brings people of all nations together. In our last games in 2014 there were over 27,000 participants from 73 nations. The atmosphere is buzzing and events take place over 2 weeks.

This year the Gibraltar Youth Choir is going with a small selection while the full choir prepares to compete in the European Choir Games in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2019. The choir is competing in 2 sections, “Pop Ensemble” and “Scenic pop/ Show Choir” where they do not only need to sing but also dance as choreography is also judged.

They have been working very hard with the Musical Director Christian Santos at the helm assisted by Erica Mcgrail who is choreographing the pieces. The choir is part of the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

The Gibraltar youth choir started in 2007 with 7 students as the “Santos Productions Choir” it started growing and growing until it reached its average of 40 children. The choir is an ever-changing group as children grow up and leave for university and it needs to reinvent itself which keeps it fresh but is always hard work to keep the standard at it’s highest. From its humble beginnings, in the past ten years it has become a featured part of our local entertainment scene. They have competed in many international competitions with excellent results and hopefully will make us all proud in South Africa in July. It is a privilege and an honour for them to represent Gibraltar in this international platform and hope the hard work will pay off.

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