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Musical Theatre

Our new Musical Theatre Programme encompasses all three disciplines, Singing, Acting and Dance / Movement. Each of these disciplines is offered individually, but we are offering a combination of all three as part of our programme with a special price. This Class is ideal for students who wish to get more involved in musical theatre or pop performance in the future. We will be working on different musical numbers from different shows as well as learning techniques to combine all three disciplines in an effective manner. The dance element is designed as a singers and actors dance/movement class. This programme is designed to inspire children into taking theatre to the next level. Our aim is to take our students to a level where they will eventually become triple threats. In this day and age where performers are proficient in all disciplines, it is important to have as many strings to your bow as possible. Come and enjoy this new Musical Theatre Programme and discover what you are really made of!

One to One Tuition

One-to-one tuition provides the student with an opportunity for a more personalised approach. These classes require dedication and a lot of discipline. The student and his or her teacher. can learn how to work cohesively together, and create an ideal learning environment. In other words, one-to-one lessons enable instructors to design lessons based on their student’s needs, learning style, and personality. In these classes the student will develop their repertoire and work on their technique preparing them for live performances, exams and general musicianship. Students can progress at their own speed achieving goals and targets set by their teacher.

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Paired Tuition

These classes are an alternative to One-to-One Tuition. They will be similar in style with a very personalised approach. This class is ideal for beginners who want to develop their skills further and are working at the same speed as another student of their same ability/age. This will give them an insight as to what the one-to one classes will entail in the future if they choose to continue tuition. It is also ideal for students who are working towards the same goal or exam. This way they will be able to work together on repertoire and techniques required.

Group Classes in Technical Elements

In these classes students will be covering a range of techniques required to become a better actor. We will also be offering individual and group examinations, which are not compulsory. Students will learn about stage presentation, voice work, improvisation and devising amongst other skills. They will be taught about the creative processes used by different practitioners. These classes will provide a safe environment for students to express themselves freely and will encourage creativity in order to bring the best out of each individual. Group tuition gives students the added enjoyment of working with their peers, which has been seen to be extremely beneficial and will develop their ensemble skills.

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Drama Productions

We will encourage our students to take part in different drama performances outside of the academy. We aim on putting together group performances to take part in the annual Drama Festival here in Gibraltar with a view of travelling to compete abroad. Gibraltar has seen great success in these events in the past and we firmly believe that the opportunity to have a wide range of students working together in the field of drama can only be of great benefit to the children and the whole community.


In our Masterclass Series, students will be invited to attend sessions hosted by industry professionals as they provide an insight into the working world of music and drama. We will also have sessions hosted by local musicians to talk about their particular instruments and careers.

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  • Acting

  • Vocal


  • Aural Training

  • Composition

  • Grades 1-5

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